1import * as schematic from "@schematichq/schematic-typescript-node";
3const client = schematic.init("your-api-key");
4const checkFlagRequestBody = { company: { id: "my-company-id"} };
5const key = "my-flag";
7if (
8	await client.Features.checkFlag({
9	key,
10	checkFlagRequestBody,
11	})) 
13	// Flag is enabled
14} else {
15	// Flag is disabled

Decouple business logic from code

SDKs for packaging, pricing, and entitlements.

Don't let pricing & packaging
be your day job

Rollout & CI/CD
Release new features with modern feature flagging infrastructure developers can trust.
Flexible monetization
Unlock pricing & packaging flexibility with managed entitlements, metering, and feature utilization tracking.
Connected with your tools
Ensure access lines up with what was sold, alert reps when customers hit limits, automate provisioning & renewals.

Entitlements powered by feature flags

Implement packaging in your application with a familiar interface. Don't maintain hard-coded policy files, stale customer data, or homegrown feature flags.

Integrate with Schematic, not legacy CRM and billing tools

Our robust API and out-of-the-box integrations with Segment, CRMs, and billing systems make aggregating account, billing, and usage data straightforward.

Always reliable and auditable

Application and API transactions are tracked across Schematic for straightforward debugging. We maintain 99.99% uptime.

Implement in days, not weeks

Retrofit an existing implementation or get
started with us from Day 1.
Implementation is easy
Use our SDKs to integrate Schematic directly into
your application.
“We got setup in a few days to manage entitlements and metering”
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Daniel Chalef
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White glove support
Slack channel with direct access to engineers and personalized support.
Integrations to run your business
Don’t build custom glue.

Build vs. buy

Your homegrown system won't grow with you. Schematic does.

Under the hood

Schematic is built by engineers that understanding why feature management and packaging is so tricky to build.
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Low Latency, high availability
Access our distributed APIs
Icon lock
Secure and auditable
SOC2 compliant with a built-in paper trail and versioning system
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Portable and testable
Easily transfer data between environments for testing
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Quick start
Bootstrap using your existing feature management tools
Icon code
Maintainable and ergonomic
Command line tooling for static analysis