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Built for product & engineering leaders who want to manage features, plans, entitlements, and limits with control and flexibility.

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Billing & CRM integrations
Keep tools in your stack on the same page
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Usage-based metering
Meter access based on traits or events with hard or soft limits
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Unified company profile
Consolidate account, billing, and usage data in one place
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Easily configure and enforce access and limits on a per customer basis
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Feature flags
Deploy and release new features quickly & safely in your application
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Plan management
Define and manage plans and prices

Launch, package, meter, and monitor features from one place

See your customers like never before

Account, billing, and usage data in one view directly from your application and business tools.

Lacking a unified customer view across channels leads to analytical hurdles, complicates revenue recognition, and burdens support with verification tasks, slowing down operations significantly,

FP&A Leader, Retool

Support any packaging model

Bundling, add-ons, metering, custom configuration - Schematic is flexible enough to support them all without code changes.

The tight coupling of how we represent “what we give to customers”, or entitlements, and how we bill customers for those plans & entitlements have led to pricing & packaging schemes that are costly to change over time.

Group Product Manager, Contentful

One integration for entitlements

Schematic integrates with legacy tools out of the box so your engineering team only has to integrate with one modern API for entitlements.

Being able to tie all these things into one place and not have to write glue code means we don’t have to cobble things together to support entitlements.

Engineering Leader, BlackCloak

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