The Mechanics of the Customer Journey


Kayvan Dastgheib shares his career journey in revenue operations and highlights the importance of building strong foundations in sales, customer success, and marketing.

He emphasizes the role of revenue operations in aligning different departments and ensuring scalable infrastructure and discusses the significance of gross revenue retention and pipeline conversion in driving growth.

The conversation explores the challenges organizations face in pricing and packaging their products and the role of systems and infrastructure in implementing effective monetization strategies.

The discussion also delves into the concept of tech debt and its impact on monetization strategy.

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the architectural components necessary for a cohesive monetization infrastructure, including entitlements, company profiles, and product catalogs. Takeaways

- Revenue operations plays a crucial role in aligning sales, customer success, and marketing departments and building scalable infrastructure.

- Gross revenue retention and pipeline conversion are key focus areas for revenue operations leaders.

- The AI trend in SaaS should be approached with caution, and organizations should prioritize building strong product and engineering teams.

- Monetization in B2B SaaS is complex and requires a sophisticated understanding of the customer journey and pricing strategies.

- Organizations often struggle with pricing and packaging their products due to a lack of clarity in their monetization strategies.

- Engineering plays a critical role in implementing effective pricing and packaging strategies.

- Tech debt can hinder go-to-market efforts and limit business agility.

- A cohesive monetization infrastructure requires architectural components such as entitlements, company profiles, and product catalogs.

Sound Bites "Most organizations don't know what they're actually trying to accomplish with pricing and packaging."

"There's the strategy question, which is what should the price be? How should we package this product? But then there's the actual, like, how do we action that strategy side of the equation?"

"If you you're trying to introduce an enterprise solution, but you don't have the functionality parsed out to give yourself an enterprise value problem, you're not enterprise ready."


00:00 Introduction and Career Journey

05:11 Defining Revenue Operations

10:05 Focus on Gross Revenue Retention

15:03 Prioritizing Pipeline Conversion

22:45 Complexities of Monetization in B2B SaaS

25:55 The Challenges of Pricing and Packaging

30:19 The Role of Engineering in Monetization Strategies

36:29 The Impact of Tech Debt on Go-to-Market Efforts

40:57 Architectural Components for a Cohesive Monetization Infrastructure


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