Simplifying Entitlements in SaaS with Feature Flags


Brian Rinaldi, a software developer advocate who spent the last two years at LaunchDarkly and who recently joined LocalStack, shares his journey in the tech industry and discusses the evolution of developer advocacy & the opportunity to extend feature flags beyond rollout and into entitlements.

He emphasizes the importance of content and community in developer advocacy programs and provides insights on how startups can structure their programs effectively. Brian also discusses the concept of entitlements in SaaS and the role of feature flags in managing entitlements. He highlights the power of feature management in simplifying entitlement setups and enabling business agility.


developer advocacy, content, community, startups, entitlements, feature flags, feature management, SaaS


  1. Developer advocacy has evolved from simply evangelizing to focusing on teaching and enabling developers.

  2. Startups should prioritize content creation and community building in their developer advocacy programs.

  3. Feature flags can be used to manage entitlements in SaaS, providing flexibility and simplifying the process.

  4. Feature management is at the root of modern monetization complexity in B2B SaaS.

  5. Being solution-oriented and presenting alternatives is crucial in problem-solving and collaboration.


00:00 - Introduction and Brian's Journey 02:07 - The Evolution of Developer Advocacy 04:11 - Building Effective Developer Advocacy Programs 06:17 - Simplifying Entitlements with Feature Flags 08:30 - The Power of Feature Management 23:18 - Being Solution-Oriented: A Key Lesson for Career Success 25:37 - Conclusion and Brian's Contact Information