Interview with Fazal Gupta: Insights into the Evolution of Enterprise SaaS


About Fazal Gupta

Fazal Gupta is the co-founder of He began his career in India, where he studied computer science and worked as a developer. Gupta then moved to the US where he joined BigMachines, which in many ways created the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) category. Over the course of his journey, he transitioned from software engineering to product, eventually taking on product leadership roles at Oracle and Workday before co-founding Logik in 2021.

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What We Covered in the Interview

  • Fazal's career journey from India to the US and his roles at Big Machines, Oracle, and Workday.

  • The founding of Logik and the insights behind the business.

  • Significant trends in enterprise SaaS, including AI integration and changing buyer expectations.

  • The operational complexities of supporting diverse customer needs and monetization strategies.

  • The importance of flexible pricing and packaging models in today's SaaS market.

  • Architecting for flexibility with cloud-native solutions in the B2B landscape.

Key Takeaways from the Interview

  1. Career Motivation: Gupta's shift from development to product management was driven by a curiosity to understand the "why" behind business decisions.

  2. Logik’s Mission: The company aims to simplify the quote-to-cash process and align it with modern e-commerce expectations.

  3. AI Integration: AI is a major trend, influencing not only technology but also buyer expectations.

  4. Buyer Expectations: B2B buyers now expect purchasing experiences similar to B2C, with greater flexibility and ease of transaction.

  5. Usage-Based Pricing: The shift towards consumption-based models is reshaping how SaaS companies approach monetization.

  6. Operational Complexity: Managing diverse customer needs requires continuous innovation and collaboration across teams & business systems.

Where to Find Fazal Gupta

You can connect with Fazal Gupta on LinkedIn or reach out to him via email at For more information about Logic IO, visit their website.

Interview Chapters

  1. Introduction and Career Journey - 00:00

  2. Founding Logic IO - 03:00

  3. Market Trends and AI Integration - 03:08

  4. Changing Buyer Expectations - 06:47

  5. Usage-Based Pricing Models - 09:43

  6. Operational Complexities - 10:10

  7. Architecting for Flexibility - 14:36

  8. Conclusion and Contact Information - 24:10