Interview with Justin Talerico, CMO of Automox


In this conversation, Justin Talerico, CMO at Automox, discusses his career journey and shares insights on building trust and alignment between go-to-market and product teams. He also discusses a major inflection in SaaS -- how empowered the B2B SaaS buyer has become and the importance of reducing friction in the customer experience. Justin highlights the tech stack needed to support a buyer-centric approach and the challenges and best practices of pricing and packaging. He emphasizes the need for companies to be able to action pricing and packaging research and the importance of understanding & removing operational and architectural constraints in product and engineering.


  • Building trust and alignment between go-to-market and product teams is crucial for success.

  • The SaaS buyer has become more empowered and expects a frictionless and personalized experience.

  • The tech stack should support a buyer-centric approach and enable meaningful interactions with potential customers.

  • Pricing and packaging require careful consideration and the ability to action research and test different options.

  • Operational and architectural constraints play a significant role in implementing pricing and packaging changes.

Sound Bites

  • "What's cool is to build a universe of people who are like-minded."

  • "Our ability to see intent signal in the dark funnel by account is critical."

  • "If your ducks aren't in a row on pricing and packaging and you can't action it and test it and say, is this better than what I had before, objectively, truly in the market, not just in theory, then a lot of it is wasted energy and wasted cycles."