Agile Pricing and Packaging: 'Selling to How the Customer Needs to Buy' with Jonathan Carlson


Jonathan Carlson, founder of CRM Hacker, discusses the challenges that software companies face in pricing and packaging their products and in building and maintaining their GTM stacks.

He emphasizes the importance of having a flexible and agile infrastructure to support pricing changes and product variations and highlights the need for companies to consolidate their product catalogs and avoid SKU sprawl.

He shares his own journey from working in sales and revenue operations roles to starting his own consulting business to help companies manage CRM operations & simplify the quote to cash process for B2B SaaS Businesses. Keywords pricing, packaging, software companies, infrastructure, product catalog, SKU sprawl, quote-to-cash, SaaS Takeaways - Software companies often struggle with pricing and packaging their products due to complex systems and processes. - Having a flexible and agile infrastructure is crucial for making pricing changes and managing product variations. - Consolidating product catalogs and avoiding SKU sprawl can simplify operations and reporting. Sound Bites "You can buy a bunch of sales tools. You can buy a bunch of marketing tools. But if you haven't been intentional around setting up the data flow between these tools, you just get into this total complexity." "Companies don't necessarily have the infrastructure or systems in place to allow for agile pricing and packaging changes." Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage 09:10 Challenges Faced by Software Companies 13:05 The Importance of Infrastructure and Systems 20:08 Building a Software Solution 24:46 Formative Experiences and Conclusion