Why don't more companies implement entitlements via feature flags?

Fynn Glover

B2B SaaS companies would be able to manage pricing, packaging, and monetization with 10X the agility, if they used feature flags to manage entitlements. So why don't more companies do this?

I asked Brian Rinaldi for his take during our conversation a couple weeks ago.

1️⃣ Habit: Many companies are accustomed to viewing feature flags solely as binary (true/false) tools, which limits their use to basic on/off switches.

2️⃣ Perception of Impermanence: Feature flags are often seen as temporary solutions during development, not permanent parts of the application infrastructure.

3️⃣ Targeting Maturity: There's a significant gap in using feature flags for detailed targeting within production environments. Companies struggle to move beyond basic environment targeting.

4️⃣ Feature Management Adoption: Many organizations haven't progressed beyond initial stages of feature flag adoption, primarily using them for simple release management rather than exploring advanced functionalities like creating beta groups or managing user entitlements.

5️⃣ Engineering vs. Business Problem: Feature flags are often seen strictly as developer tools, leading to a disconnect when addressing broader business issues like entitlements, which involve pricing and packaging complexities.