june release notes

Schematic Release Notes: June 2024

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Gio Hobbins


  • 💲 Stripe integration: Sync billing data from Stripe and map it to company profiles in Schematic

  • 🔌 SDK update: Caching, event buffering, and offline support for Go, Python, and Node.js

  • ✨ UX improvements: Feature usage sidebar and bulk entitlements adding

  • 🪵 Audit log: View, search, and filter updates to a company's features access, troubleshoot issues, and track changes for compliance

  • 👥 Team permissions: Invite teammates and specify what permissions they have within Schematic

💲 Stripe integration

The Stripe integration for Schematic allows you to sync billing data from Stripe and map it to company profiles in Schematic. This provides a complete company view, showing not only product access and feature usage, but also subscription-level data.

The integration allows you to use data from Stripe to define plan audiences and flag rules. For example, you can create an audience of all companies subscribed to your “Premium” plan in Stripe. All companies subscribed to Premium in Stripe will then get the correct entitlements in your product.

Why use the integration?

  • See a unified company profile combining account, usage, and billing data in one place

  • Use existing billing data to directly assign entitlements to your customers

  • Manage customer lifecycle automatically - when a subscription changes, entitlements will change via Schematic

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🔌 SDKs Update

v1.0 is our first major version release; prior to this release, the library only exposed bindings for our APIs, whereas now it supports more robust capabilities for common operations like checking flags and submitting events. Additionally, we've added some functionality to better support usage in non-production environments and testing.

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Major releases

  • Flag check caching interface with built-in/default in-memory local cache

  • Event buffering for non-blocking submission of events

  • Support for "offline mode", for use in lower environments and testing

  • Mocks for use in testing

✨ UX improvements

Usage sidebars

See feature usage detail and company activity detail with a handy sidebar view.

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Bulk entitlements

Add entitlements to a plan in bulk to save time and model your packaging faster.

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🪵 Audit log

Use the audit log to a view of everything happening in Schematic, key use cases:

  • Generating a log of changes to a company’s feature access for compliance

  • Troubleshooting an issue, looking for a change tied to a time period within which a bug appeared

  • Track changes to customer traits, entitlements, and plan membership over time

  • Track changes to flags, features, and plans over time

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👥 Team permissions

Invite new users and specify what permissions they have within Schematic. Given the sensitive nature of feature management, control permissions granularly by environment.

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