Permissions & Audit Log

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Gio Hobbins

Today, Schematic is releasing two highly requested features: permissions and audit log. Now, Schematic users can add teammates with granular access control and monitor a comprehensive user and API activity log.

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Audit Log

Get a powerful audit log to track everything that happens within your workspace. Engineers can query the API to access a complete history of changes and activity, while business users can easily view, search, and filter this log directly in the Schematic application.

Track activity for compliance purposes, troubleshoot issues by pinpointing changes that coincide with a bug, and track how flags, features, plans, and user attributes have evolved over time.

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User permissions

Assign granular permissions to control exactly what other users can do within the platform, including creating, editing, or deleting flags, features, and environments. This fine-grained access control ensures only authorized users can modify critical data.

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